The Trump administration has really fulfilled some of the demands of the US soybean farmers.

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Everyone should know that since the United States launched a trade war against China, China’s counter-measures have made the United States more uncomfortable—especially American farmers who have relied heavily on the Chinese market.

However, it seems that Trump, the US president who "does not hit the south wall and does not look back", has not stopped his wrong approach. Instead, he has extended his hand to the pockets of American taxpayers, allowing American society to give him $12 billion in wrong trade. Policy to pay the bill, to subsidize the loss of farmers.

But the American farmers did not buy it, and they all said that "the market should not be subsidized."

However, the peasants who have made these days more difficult have never imagined that the Trump administration has really fulfilled some of their demands - but not to return the lost Chinese market to them, but really did not subsidize them... ...

According to Reuters, US Agriculture Minister Sonny Perdue said in an interview on Monday that the government does not intend to extend the total $12 billion in financial subsidies provided to American farmers by trade wars until next year.

The reason he gave was: the farmers have strong "resistance" and "adaptation". They know how to plan for next year based on the current market situation, and they will not expect the government when they make these plans. Will be subsidized again.

It seems that after erroneously launching a trade war, mistakenly losing the Chinese market of American peasants, and then paying taxpayers’ money to pay for their own wrong policies, the Trump administration finally found that it was too fast to play. ......

But he is not going to stop the trade war, not to restore Sino-US trade relations, but to shamefully let the American peasants who are miserable by him go "self-defeating."

On the other hand, even the $12 billion subsidy that the Trump administration promised to replenish American farmers this year is actually "slotted."

A number of media, including the Washington Post, have revealed that although some of these agricultural subsidies have indeed arrived in the hands of American farmers, there are also many subsidies for foreign companies operating in the United States, such as the acquisition five years ago. The Chinese company "Shuanghui", a large American pork producer Smithfield...

Therefore, under the reports of Reuters and other media about the US Department of Agriculture no longer subsidize farmers next year, many American netizens are also saddened by American farmers, who feel that these farmers have been played by the Trump administration.

However, because American peasants are hard-core supporters of Trump and the Republican government, and some American netizens feel that American peasants are being "self-sufficient" by Trump as "amaranth".


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