After Meng Zhouzhou was released, he said something like this.

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On December 21st, Huawei’s “Heart Community” released a recent diary of Ms. Meng’s daughter, which was written on December 19 this year. Meng Xizhou said that when he was in distress, he knew that he had been cared for by so many strangers.

Last night, a letter from the Japanese, a small screen in the circle of friends, really warmed me!

If the sentence has been said many times, the human being has its own true feelings. When he encounters a crisis, he knows that he has been cared for by so many strangers. On the day of bail, I waited in the court to go through the formalities. The lawyer chatted with me and said that many strangers called the law firm and said that they would use my property to guarantee me, even if they didn’t know me at all, they didn’t even know. I, but they know Huawei, they recognize Huawei, so they are willing to believe me. My lawyer said that he has been in business for forty years and has never seen anything like this, which is willing to guarantee for strangers.

Listening to the lawyer's words, I couldn't help but burst into tears, not crying for myself, but for so many people who would trust me and trust me. During the earthquake in Fukushima, Japan, I attended the one-week workshop at IBM headquarters in the United States. I was in the final round of detailed communication with IBM senior financial experts for the launch of IFS changes and the scope of IFS changes.

At that time, the company had just decided to hand over all emergency plans to finance and economics, including war, plague, turmoil, earthquakes, etc., and the financial and business teams jointly worked out emergency plans in various scenarios, and organized drills on weekdays for disasters. When the occurrence occurs, the plan can be quickly started, and various departments of the company can quickly assemble and respond quickly according to the design of the plan. Because I really can't leave in the United States, let Sun Zong go to Japan alone.

After returning from the United States, we shared and discussed the harvest of our workshops in the United States, and organized financial colleagues. After reaching a basic consensus and forming a financial transformation that could communicate with IBM, I booked a ticket to Tokyo to Japan. The representative office will meet with you to discuss the work arrangements for post-disaster reconstruction, including the repair of the customer network and our own daily operations. Before I went to Japan, the company's emergency work team had been established. Sun Zong had just returned from Japan. There was not much that I needed to do. I just reorganized the work of the two weeks after the earthquake with the Japanese representative office. With everyone, I checked the order of work and I also took a lot of notes.

The earthquake in Japan was the first time that the financial organization was involved in the design and implementation of the crisis plan. Although many of our links in the post-disaster reconstruction of the earthquake in Japan had one or the other obstacles in collaboration, they helped us accumulate. Very valuable experience. After a few years of the Nepal earthquake, our crisis plan was able to fully and timely support the post-disaster construction work, and was highly praised by Nepalese customers.

I have rarely mentioned this experience, and there is nothing to be proud of. It is just my job. Good people have a good report. I didn't expect that after eight years, this return was presented to me by a letter from an ordinary Japanese, which filled my heart with great pride and comfort. I am proud that because of that uncertainty, I set foot on a flight to Japan. I am brave because I am not afraid, but the belief in my heart. The relief is because God can always see our efforts and never ignore them. Our efforts.

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An ordinary citizen of Tokyo
Letters to all employees of Meng Yuzhou and Huawei

On December 17, the office of Otemachi of Huawei's representative office in Japan received a letter from an ordinary citizen in Tokyo. The letter was written in real name. In order to protect privacy, after the Huaxin community shared it with you in an anonymous way, this plain The letter is so warm and heart-warming. The excerpt is as follows:

Dear Huawei Meng Yuzhou CFO and all employees:

First of all, I am sorry that I will not speak Chinese or English.

So I can only write this letter in Japanese. I especially hope that anyone who knows Japanese can help me translate and convey my meaning.

I am very saddened by the events that Ms. Meng encountered in Canada.

Although I only see reports in Japan, I don’t know the details. But when I think about how uncomfortable you and my family have been and how much pain they will suffer in the future, I feel that I can’t keep silent and must do it. Solidarity, so I wrote this letter.

Everything is happening every day in the world, but for me living in Japan, I never thought about expressing my feelings by writing letters.

But this time Ms. Meng’s incident is definitely not something that I can stand by.

Why do you say that? Maybe not many people in Japan know, but one of my friends who lived in Miyagi Prefecture told me that during the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, other companies were retreating and fleeing. Only Huawei is at risk. In the case of elimination, he resolutely entered the disaster area and seized the repair facilities damaged by the earthquake.

For a company like Huawei that can help us in such a difficult situation, no matter what the reason, this kind of unilateral exclusion from the use of state power without any measures is a departure from the common sense. I feel very sad and uncomfortable. As a Japanese, I feel ashamed.

In the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, my mother was killed under the cupboard, and she was only 56 years old.

At that time, with support from all over the world, the city was restored and rebuilt, and today there is a beautiful Kobe. My heart is still full of gratitude.

In my heart, Ms. Meng is a benefactor.

My understanding of China, I only learned a little from the "social class" of the school, but in 1972, Premier Zhou Enlai and Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei presided over the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, but they were deeply imprinted in my mind that was still a child. .

At the signing ceremony, Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei left a very deep impression on me with a brush. Since then, I have begun to learn calligraphy.

Now, as long as Japan holds a calligraphy exhibition of celebrities such as Wang Xizhi, I have to look at it several times during the exhibition.

Although China and Japan are both socialism and capitalism, and the fundamental nature of the country is different, I believe that China and Japan should respect each other from now on and deepen and expand friendly relations.

I am just a small boss of a small company. People like me can't help much, but I sincerely hope that your company will grow stronger and achieve greater achievements.

December 14, 2018

Huawei stays behind the earthquake in Japan

In the speech of Tsinghua University in September 2016, Meng Xia Zhou mentioned this matter: “In 2011, the 9th earthquake in Japan triggered a nuclear leak in Fukushima. When other telecommunications equipment suppliers evacuated from Japan, Huawei chose to stay. After the earthquake, I flew from Hong Kong to Japan, and there were only two people in the whole flight. I met at the representative office. When Yu Zhen came, everyone changed his face and became accustomed to it later. At the same time, Huawei engineers Wearing protective clothing, heading to Fukushima and repairing communication equipment. Brave is not not afraid, but has faith in the heart."


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