“Real estate purchases are completely canceled” is not true

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"Real estate purchases are completely canceled" is not true

People's Daily Online Beijing, October 26 (Reporter Qiao Xuefeng, Wu Zhenguo) The reporter noted that in the past two days, there have been multiple registration entities for real estate marketing companies and cultural media companies to publish their own media accounts. "Pound News" said: The State Council has stipulated that all property purchases must be released within half a year. In addition, the analysis of the "real estate market to unlock the limit has been on the string" analysis is also quite eye-catching. The reporter was informed that the news from the Internet was not true.

This type of news was quickly spread as soon as it came out, and it immediately attracted a lot of attention inside and outside the industry. For example, a public article with the title of the event has read more than 100,000, and the number of praises is close to 5,000.

The reporter noted that in the news released by the media, a document issued by the General Office of the State Council on the conduct of the regulations on the protection of property rights and the clean-up of regulatory documents issued on May 14 this year has become an increase in these messages. Support for reliability. According to the reporter's understanding, the document is not about the real estate sector, but the notice policy document of the General Office of the State Council on the implementation of the regulations and normative documents related to the protection of property rights.

In May this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Notice of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Further Improving the Regulations on the Real Estate Market, reaffirming that the goal of real estate regulation and control is unwavering and the strength is not relaxed, and that it is speeding up the further improvement of real estate regulation and control work. Formulate six clear requirements for implementing housing development planning, tightening the adjustment of housing and land supply structure, effectively strengthening fund management and control, and vigorously rectifying market order.

The People's Daily reporter asked the authorities to verify the incident and the news from the media was not true.

It is understood that in the next stage, all regions and relevant departments will resolutely implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Political Bureau meeting on July 31, and resolve to solve the problem of the real estate market and adhere to the policy of the city. Balance supply and demand, rationally guide expectations, rectify market order, resolutely curb housing price increases, and accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.


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